With the increase in number of mobile user, many business owners give mobility extra attention in their digital marketing strategy of their business organization. There are numerous platforms are available for native app development like Android, ios, Windows and other operating system among which Android is the most popular one among the business owners to build an app for their organization. With having 85.9% of global market share android is the most preferable platform for building a native app. In this article we are going to discuss some of the advantages that you can have by building a native android app for your business institution.

Open Source: Android is open source platform, means the Android SDK(Software Development Kit) can be leveraged without worrying about the cost of licensing & royalty. Also developers can interact with the Android developer community for the upcoming versions which they can integrate into their android development projects. That is why it is the most preferable choice among the developers as well as the business owners to develop native android app.

Customized User Interface: A user interface is an essential factor for building an app. Apps made on Android platform is highly customizable & easy to manage. Google gives special attention on making its user interface customizable so that developers can create custom apps for the business entities. As it is a open source platform, it allows developers turn their creativity into reality and build an innovative and an exceptional apps.

Easy to Adopt: Android apps are scripted in Java programming language that uses a rich set of libraries. Any developer who is familiar with java can build Android applications with ease. As per the reports of a developer survey, many Java experts find it easier to write apps for Android as compared to other experts with command over other programming languages.

High ROI With Low Investment: By developing an native android app you can enjoy high ROI against low investment for your business entity. As Androids SDK is free to use to the developers, it helps to reduce the development costs can be divided into three major portions: development, testing and deployment. Developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee for the application distribution. After that they can use any computing device to build and test the app on their smart phones ensuring low investment and increased engagement among the users. Ultimately the users get an attractive app and the business entity gains high ROI for them.

These are the benefits you can enjoy you can enjoy by developing a native android app for your business institution.

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