With the tremendous increase of mobile users over the years, mobility has become for every business entity in order to carry out their digital marketing campaign successfully. While there are few platforms available for native app development, Android leads the landscape with a global market share of 85.9% & also it is the most popular platform among the majority of the business owners to build their business app. As a good number of people spend a good time of their daily life on mobile apps, making an android app for business is the best way for a organization to engage with their targeted customer & improve their sale. A Google product, Android has been consistently improved with each & every new version. From Cupcake in 2009, Android has come a very along with its latest pie release in 2018, Android is now more powerful, secure & faster than ever. But before hiring a native android app development company for developing your business app, you should have the knowledge about what app trends will have a significant impact In the android world in 2018. In order to help you out from making the correct decision, we have put up some of hot trends that will rule in 2018 & they are

Android Instant Apps - Most of the users don’t uses all the apps on their smart-phones on a regular basis. According to a report of Tech Magazine TechCrunch, most of the users only use 9 apps on a daily basis & as a result rest of the apps consumes space in the mobile apps. In order give relief to their users, Android launched Android Instant Apps. With this, usurers simple need to tap the app that they want to use & use the same without installing on their smart-phones. So if you create a business app which offers a type of service which won’t be used by people on a regular basis, you will see a drop of web traffic on a consistence basis. But the business app would still offers a valuable purpose if it is compatible with this new instant app feature. If you are planning to develop android app for your business, make sure that your app is compatible with this feature.

Mobile Payment – With the rise of e-commerce, more people have turned towards online shopping as it is convenient for them. While cash on delivery or cashless payment through the use of debit or credit card has been popular till now, user can now make payment right from their mobile using payment apps. Keeping up with this trend, Google had introduced Google wallet 7 years ago using NFC technology which has simulated people to make payment for their online buying via Android OS. By improving this, Google introduced Android Pay two years ago, which has more features & advanced security measures. Confidential data such as credit card information can be stored more safely. As the android pay features is already installed in apps, the users can be able to make payment with just one click on the buy with android option. Also addition of android pay button also improves user experience by simplifying the mobile payment process.

Android AI Assistant - Now a day’s developers are using voice assistants & chatbots on mobile devices to impress the users of all ages. Especially game developers have introducing a large number of AI feature into their games to provide the game players with more real-world gaming experience. Google AI features are nw integrated with upcoming android devices to improve their features & intellectual skills. The AI based Google assistant acts as a smart chatbot & recognizes commands. Apps like Google home can be a prime example of this which can help to switch off lights or even can book a in a cinema hall. These functions are likely to be improved & many commands are to be added to Google assistant in due course of time.

IoT Apps - Google has been a major contributor in the development of IoT. With a market share of 85.9%, Android platform can be used to develop many unique & innovative apps which can deliver a interactive experience to the users. The native android app developers should ensure that the apps have an efficient & secure backhand which can enable smooth user communication with the device.

These are the prime trends for android app development for 2018 & by embracing them you can expect exceptional result for your business that you are expecting in this year.

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