What is B2B marketing?

B2B is the abbreviation of Business to Business marketing. The term marketing usually creates an image of a seller and a consumer. However, that is not always the case. Although, consumer marketing takes up 55% of the marketing graph, business to business marketing is fast developing given the number of small businesses that are being established everyday. Business to business marketing is promoting and selling a product to another seller. One can imagine this as a retailer buying something from a wholesaler. In this case, both are business men. 

Why is Business to Business Marketing an important aspect of the developing economy of the country?

India has the second largest internet user base in the world, after China. An approximate of 462 million people use the web everyday for their own purposes. This is about 13.5% of the entire world population according to the statistical data of 2017. This makes India a place with a lot of potential for business. With the increase in this number and the developments in technology, Indians are gradually getting more and more attracted towards establishing their own trades- be that along the wholesale or along the retail lines of work. To facilitate this, B2B marketing is indispensable and thus, fast developing. 

How do we help in B2B marketing?

Exnovation understands the need of the hour and does a great job at assisting it's customers go on with this kind of marketing. We have hard working professionals who take care of your concerns, advice you and fulfill your requirements. We believe in helping our customers escalate to reach the top.

B2B Marketing

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