PWA or Progressive Web Applications is more than a simple technology that develops powerful web apps. PWA involves multiple technologies that are strategically combined to create more user-friendly, more responsive and faster web applications.
But why do the businesses tending to get a PWA when a native app can perform all that a PWA does?
Here’s why PWAs are preferred (as the metrics shared in Google IO 17) –

Why build a Progressive Web App?

More than 5 billion devices connected to the web and this makes the web the biggest platform of all times in the field. About 11.4 million monthly unique viewers go to the top thousand web resources while 4 million is the count for the top 1000 apps. The mobile filigree accumulates about four times as many visitors as the native applications. However, when it comes to user engagement, the number falls distinctly.

Users prefer native apps over the mobile web and the ration of spent time on both is 188.6 minutes: 9.3 minutes. Native apps leverage the influence of operating systems to forward push notifications to provide visitors with relevant updates. It delivers better user experience and boots faster than the websites in a browser. Moreover, native apps allow users not to type the URL in the browser. One only needs to tap on the app icon on the home screen to get started.

On the other hand, installing a native app is tiresome for the visitors. Moreover, forcing the visitors to install an app may annoy them and reduce the chance of installation of the app in the first place. Hence, the web wins.

So, what we get is, if a web app offers top-notch user experience, instant loading, push notification, offline support, it can win the game. And this is where the Progressive Web Application comes.

PWA Benefits

Progressive Web App has exceptional advantages of making things delightful for the users, increasing engagement and improving conversion. The top benefits of PWS are -

  • Fast
    User Interface is stable, scrolling is smooth, and it responds faster to user interaction.
  • Reliable
    While a regular website keeps users wait during its loading time, PWAs load data promptly from the cache.Furthermore, PWA works smoothly 2G connections. If users get authentic content faster even on the poor connection, why not they take PWA as more credible?
  • Engaging
    Users can place a PWA on their home screen and have a native app like full-screen experience. It benefits push notifications to keep the users even more occupied.

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