10 Questions To Ask A Web Design Agency Before You Hire Them
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10 Questions To Ask A Web Design Agency

10 Questions To Ask A Web Design Agency Before You Hire Them

by | Aug 13, 2022 | Web Design Agency

If you own a business, you got to have a website. This is the new norm. A good website not only helps impress your visitors and engage them, but it can even convert the visitors into customers. According to study, a modern and mobile-friendly website can generate more leads than any social media platform would. 

Having said that, you should hire a good web design company to create your business website. Why? Because like a quality website can make your business, a poor website can break it. A good web design company Adelaide will have the right knowledge and have access to the tools required to build a website. Here are the questions to ask before choosing a web design company. 

Can You Provide Your Portfolio And Your Customer’s Feedback?

The first question to ask the web design company is their experience in that particular field. Some companies may claim to have many years of experience but asking for a portfolio is the best option for you to check the claims they make.

What services Do You Offer Other Than Web Design?

It is better to look for a web designer who can do much more than just create a website. You need a high-performing website that can generate leads and engage people because they understand SEO and digital marketing. Strategic marketing plays a key role in attracting web traffic.

How Long Will It Take For My Web Design To Be Complete?

It is one of the most important questions for the web design company. Most companies generally take four to ten weeks to complete a website. The whole process of designing a website will take from three to four months. It requires the client to be ready with the content and domain. To select the Web Design Company in Adelaideyou need to do detailed market research.

Do you provide design for a specific industry?

Most Web design companies work with different types of companies, but some prefer to work for a specific industry. Designers who have the experience of working in the same industry for years know what the clients want. You want to choose the best Web Design Company in Adelaide because you will need a unique approach to the design of our company website.

How many landing pages will be there on the website?

The web design company needs to be clear about the requirement of the number of Service Pages or landing pages. It is best if a different page is made for each and every service provided by the company. You need to learn the cost of extra service pages beforehand to prevent any confusion.

Can You Supply The Images For The Website?

It is important to know if the web design company is providing the images needed for the website or Portfolio if you need to provide them. If charges are applicable for images required for business, know beforehand. There will be a requirement for stock photos for the business as well.

Who Will Be Working on My Website, And How Experienced Are They?

It is better if you get to know the skillset and the expertise of the people working on your project. When you are paying the money, you have the right to ask this question. Experienced people will do much better work on your website, so go ahead and ask for experienced designers for your website.

What Are The Major Steps You Follow When Developing The Website?

Some major steps are involved in website development that experienced professionals will never miss out. The steps include research, development, design, develop, testing and launch. The company which cannot provide you with a clear answer is definitely not the company you are looking for.

Which Content Management System Do You Use?

A content management system allows you to create a website without using codes. A CMS allows you to create, manage, modify and publish content. You can enhance the design and functionality of your website and upload new content without coding knowledge. So, you don’t always need to connect with the developers when you need minor changes to be done. 

How Will The Website Increase Web Traffic And Generate Leads?

Social media shares, social ads, Pinterest pins, and paid search help to increase web traffic. You will need a website that engages and converts leads into customers.

The website needs to do good, more than look good. The design should be attractive to the customers and enhance the functionality of the company website. It is best if we choose a skilled and experienced agency who are experienced in their work and help to add value to your business.


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