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5 Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation On Social Media

5 Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation On Social Media

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology Bytes

For the past few years, social media has helped many B2B marketers to generate leads for their business organization & has become the most trusted & widely used channel for B2B marketing. However, in order to be successful in generating leads for your business, you will need t take certain steps while creating your social media strategy. Today almost 54% of B2B buyers use social media platforms to conduct research & as B2B marketers start to employ social media strategies in response to this, 50% of them have seen positive results on their sales in a short span of time. In this article, we are going to discuss different ways to improve your social media strategy so that you can see the desired lead generation results you want.

Conduct Research On Social Media Platforms- At first you will need to conduct research into all the social media platforms available to you & after that you will need to choose the best one which suits your B2B marketing requirements & buyer’s tendencies. Using different social media platforms at a time is not unheard of but requires time & attention. So make an informed decision & ensure you are using a few platforms to their fullest potential, rather than using too many ineffectively.

Create Network On Social Media- In order to generate high-quality sales leads for your business you will need to create a network on every social media platform that you are using for your marketing campaign. This means you need to generate likes, shares, subscribers, connections, essentially people engaging with your business organization & choosing to see you & your can do within several ways.

You can start with groups, As many social media platforms have already established groups of professionals gathering together, Sharing business insights or problems & discussing solutions. Join these groups and share your brand with the masses.

The hashtag is another important option, by adding #socialmedia to the end of a post, anyone who is searching for information about that topic, will have quick access to that post. So use this option effectively to target an that is far wider than your current base but still specific to your business niche.

Optimize Your Social Media Profile- You will need to optimize your social media platforms which will help you to increase the followers as well as generate more quality leads to your business. Proper optimization of social media accounts also helps to boost your search engine optimization effort. Use a real profile photo; don’t use any inappropriate photos in your social media accounts. Write a good description of you and your company details. What’s your area of expertise and how you can help them with it? Mention all of these in your profile. Also, include a link to your website to all of your social media accounts.

Create & Share Valuable Content- It is the most important step for the success of any social media marketing campaign which drives more leads to your business. Share interesting and sharable content in your social media profile by which you can get more visitors to your website and who can turn good prospects for your business. While creating content you should kep in mind the following factors

(1) Articles should be related to your niche (2) Research studies with interesting statistics (3) Use of video content & infographics. (4) Share funny pieces of stuff like jokes, memes relating to your niche

Use Paid Adverts- Due to the varying mindsets of the users for specific social media platforms, paid ad on social media can be hit or miss. One thing that has remained successful for a vast majority of social media ads is the referencing of localized, current events. The more “on topic” ad your ad is, the better, as social media sees its user daily and many enjoy using platforms to explore reactions to current events- maximize on this “temporary” and “instant” feel with your social media paid ads. . Remember to plan them carefully and delve deep into your buyer persona to make sure you get it right.

These are the five ways by which you can leverage social media platforms in order to generate desired leads for your Business organization.

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