Advantage of Using WordPress For Developing An E-commerce Website
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Advantage of Using WordPress For Developing An E-commerce Website

Advantage of Using WordPress For Developing An E-commerce Website

by | Jan 11, 2022 | ECommerce Marketing, Technology Bytes, Web Design/Development

As the number of online users increases day by day, every business owner is looking to build an online shop for their business entity in order to capitalize on the maximum revenue from the online platform. That’s why developing an e-commerce website has become essential for business owners to be successful in this competitive market. But before developing the online store for their business, most entrepreneurs fall into a dilemma to choose the right platform for building the e-commerce website. There are plenty of platforms available for building an e-business website among which WordPress is the most popular among business owners. The main reasons behind the popular WordPress platform for building e-commerce websites are as follows:

Free and Open Source Easy to build & maintain web pages Can be accessed remotely No need for FTP software Design of the website can be customized. Helps immensely in your search engine optimization of the website. Can avail a huge number of free plug-ins according to your needs.
As you have decided to make your e-commerce website on a WordPress platform, let’s now discuss WooCommerce a plug-in developed by WordPress for the development of an e-Commerce platform.

About WooCommerce

Woocommerce is a free open source e-commerce plug-in developed by WordPress in the year 2011, by which e-commerce website can be made without facing much hectic. With more than 2 million downloads worldwide, it is one of the most significant supports of the fast-growing e-commerce business segment. As it is an open-source platform, it helps business owners to have an eye-catching business website for their organization developed by the best e-commerce development company.

Benefits of WooCommerce For Designing E-Commerce Website For Your Business Entity

There are plenty of strong e-commerce CMS on the market—the one downfall for the lion’s share of them is the cost. You can download Woocommerce—and the open-source, enterprise-level quality and features it offers—for free.

It’s Absolutely Free – There are plenty of platforms available for building an e-commerce website & the majority of them includes high development cost. On the other hand, you can download WooCommerce which is an open-source platform that provides enterprise-level quality & features absolutely free.

Offers High Flexibility – You don’t have to be a wizard of programming language to take advantage of the flexibility of WooCommerce, that it offers to online merchants. It is easy to make your website according to needs, create the company’s product categories, sales prices and unique attributes. With the help of WooCommerce, you can sell all types of products from virtual to physical.

Build-In-Analytics – Website analytics can be intimidating, especially for the startups of e-commerce business. WooCommerce makes it easy for them by providing them with an in-built analytics system. You don’t need to figure out which e-commerce metrics are the most important to track, because WooCommerce will bring them in front of you in an easily understandable way. From the total sales to order totals, you will see the helpful charts and graphs that you need to monitor your progress, all are available in the admin panel.

State of The Art Security – Security is one of the most prime concerns for e-commerce businesses. The customers need to be assured that the transactions they are making are secure & the website on which they are working is not fraudulent. It is the main duty of website managers of an e-commerce website that they should provide such security to their users. With having state of the art security features, WooCommerce is highly secure because they keep themselves up-to-date on a regular basis in order to make sure that it cannot be hacked & the bugs presented are quickly weeded out.

Support From WordPress – WordPress has a very large community & which is also entertained by the WooCommerce Plug-in. Large community support for WooCommerce ensures that the bugs and other problems can be easily fixed. WooCommerce community has millions of active participants on hand to give you the right advice. Also, WordPress has excellent customer support and they are always ready to offer their assistance whenever you encounter any problem.

The above-mentioned points are the main reasons for which many business owners preferred WordPress to build the e-commerce website for their business which helps them to gain more prospects for their organization from the world of the web.

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