Digital Display Advertising – Banner Ad and Its Importance
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Digital Display Advertising-Banner Ad and Its Importance

Digital Display Advertising – Banner Ad and Its Importance

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Digital Marketing

The advertising industry concentrating on banner ad continues to grow. Who does not want to grab the eyeballs of consumers? This ad comes under the digital display advertising and companies are using its benefits to the fullest. Using an attractive color combination and a creative message, brands are showcasing their unique way to pull the consumer attention. If you are one of those who wants to get success in a banner ad campaigns, check details below.

Digital Display Advertising-Banner Ad and Its Importance

Digital Display Advertising-Banner Ad and Its Importance

Banner ads and their purpose:

With the sole aim of promoting a brand, these banner ads are created and published on the most visited and high-traffic websites. Designs of these ads are such that they convince users – there is something for them and these ads take visitors to targeted web pages of companies. It is basically an advertisement displayed on differed web pages.

The ad contains images in .jpg, .png, and .gif manner. The multimedia object comes up with the Flash or HTML5 format. There are two types of banner ads – static and animated.

Standard banner size:

Medium Rectangle – 300×250 Leader board – 728×90 Wide Skyscraper – 160×600 Banner – 468×60 Skyscraper – 120×60 Large rectangle – 336×280
So, these sizes are very common for those who are planning for banner ads.

The effectiveness of banner ads:

Banner ads have proven beneficial for any company. They are attractive and displayed on the third-party websites which have a high visiting rate. You must have a perfect digital display advertising team who prepares a successful campaign for you.

How does a banner ad help your company? If you are searching for the answer, then let us tell you that there are many ways you can count profit through this advertising strategy. Make sure that your ad is perfectly designed and the landing page correlates with the message.

Brand awareness:

Every company wants to grow the brand awareness, and banner ads offer the same. When you run an ad campaign, people get in touch with your brand’s name and the service message more. It offers you a type of brand advertising.

Lead generation:

Getting leads for your business is the main thing. Banner ads are designed in such a way that they bring you more consumers who turn into your buyers. If your ad satisfies the need of your buyers, it offers success to you.

Retarget your audience:

With banner ads, you can retarget your audience. If visitors return from your site without subscribing to your newsletter or purchasing your product, you can retarget them. You have data of the online behavior, so use them in the right way.

So, digital display advertising is really essential for your company. When you are investing money and time in the search engine optimization, you must consider the digital display advertising also. Is finding the best digital display ad team hard? Contact Exnoweb. We have a team of digital marketing experts who take care of your business requirements and online presence perfectly.


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