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Latest Trends in Website Design

Latest Trends in Website Design: What to Expect in 2022

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Web Design Agency

Every year, website designing trends go through a number of changes, and what is brand new today can be obsolete tomorrow. These changes are mainly due to the technological advancements and ever-changing likes and dislikes of the audience. 

The world of web designing goes through continual changes and growth. The animation, interactive styles, and other factors that affect user engagement go through rapid changes. Designers have to keep themselves updated about the latest trends so that the websites they build remain relevant and best reflect the time we are living in. 

In 2022 as well, there are some trends that are likely to get more highlighted than others. Following the latest trends and implementing them on your website will help you stay relevant and increase user engagement with your site.

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One Page Website

Simplicity has always been the one thing to look forward to on websites. People have always been the most interested in websites whose look and feel are simple. Users always look for websites that are easy to use and are the least complex to find the information that they are looking for. One way web designers can keep up to this simplicity is by creating one-page websites. These websites do away with menus and navigation linking by implying simple scroll navigation. 

One-page websites can force designers to rethink about the design of the website. Web designers not only need to figure out how to present the information front and center, but to determine which information is to be highlighted in the first place. These types of websites work best when the subject matter is narrower, such as a portfolio, but can also do well in other types of websites as well. One-page websites can help visitors find exactly what they are looking for without having to roam here and there within a website.

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Fewer Images for Heroes 

The hero section of a website doesn’t have to be filled with apparent imagery or photo carousels to be superbly engaging. You just have to keep things simple to attract and engage customers. Keeping things simple almost always helps the visitors find the reason why they should continue scrolling. The design of a website is everything. While designing a website, the designers should keep in mind the colors, shapes, typography, and layout to communicate and build their unique brand identity. 

Bigger and Bolder Typography

Sometimes, the most attractive thing in a website is not the images or graphics but the text. And at times, bigger and bolder typography works best in establishing a better and longer-lasting impression. Typography, at a certain size and font, doesn’t remain just copy but becomes more of a graphic element. That way, typography becomes one of the main visual focuses of your site. Choosing the right font helps set the tone for the visitors, such as what they expect from your site, and thus it’s important to strike the right balance between size and scale. 

Abstract Illustrations

Illustrations have been used for several years in web designing. What’s trending now is abstract illustrations. Though using abstract designs in websites is nothing new, however, the use of abstract illustrations is gaining prominence. This is primarily because it offers the designers an opportunity to mix and match different mediums for some very interesting and unique results.

There are different textures that you can experiment with. While organic textures give a handmade look and feel, hand-drawn scribbles give a touch of familiarity. The options for mixing and matching are seemingly endless, which is a great thing in the digital landscape. 

Retro Designs are Making a Comeback

As in the fashion industry, the web design industry, too, has always noticed the comeback of old styles. The past has always been a source of great inspiration. And the website designs are increasingly using aspects of web designs from the 90s. Including some of these elements is going particularly well for several websites leading us to think that this will remain the trend in 2022 as well.

Retro elements such as bright backgrounds, visual table layouts, and robotic typefaces like Courier are making a comeback. Including retro design elements such as these are gaining popularity, and these are creating a feeling of nostalgia that is making these successful. 

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Moving Typography

2022 is the year that will focus on typography as a great web design element. Good typography does not only convey information but is a meaningful way to create a great website experience and resonates with the user’s expectations. Thus, designers are putting a lot of effort and creative thoughts into typography designs.

One trend that is to rule 2022 in his regard is moving typography designs. Gone are the days when static text used to make a great impression. Nowadays, designers are making good use of animation to create moving typographic that are both engaging and unique. Innovative and immersive texts that move and capture your attention are the new craze. People love it, and websites using these types of moving typography are growing in trend. Thus it can be safely said that moving typographies are going to remain in trend in 2022 as well.

Creative Scrolling

Providing an interactive and immersive experience to the visitors is what is a game this year. Each and every element of a website has to be creative enough to make people interested in it. 

One thing that every user engages in the most is the scrolling of your website. So, scrolling is one thing that every designer must target and create innovations in it to create a great user experience. 

Creative scrolling is one thing that every designer must make full use of to create an engaging experience. 

Some ways to create an immersive scrolling experience are by associating psychedelic imagery, parallax effect, and third dimension breakthroughs in the website scrolling experience. 

Handmade Designs

The current year is all about authenticity. Website audiences are increasingly using authentic handmade designs that give the end users an authentic look and feel and thus enhance the user engagement of the websites.

Including handmade designs in your web design artwork is one of the ways to add to both the authenticity and the creativity of the website. 

2022 is going to be the year where handmade graphics will rule and provide a memorable experience for the visitors. 

The best part of handmade designs is that you have complete freedom in creating these. Since you don’t have to worry about perfection for these scribbles, doodles, and textures like paint and crayons, you have complete liberty as to how you want it to look. 


Brutalism is an architectural movement that dates back to the 50s-70s. It included a brutal, bold, and straightforward design. Using raw and exposed materials like concrete became the norm in architectural design. 

2022, as we predict, will be the year that will see the comeback of neo-brutalism. This will include un-styled HTML, asymmetrical layouts, and untreated photos. In short, neo-brutalism is any design that can be considered “raw” and has a rugged finish in terms of design. 

Being very raw in nature, neo-brutalism is expected to draw a large number of visitors and will depict how authentic a website is. All this will go well with the general theme of minimalism, which has been a growing trend and is likely to remain in trend this year as well.

Visible Borders

Websites appear like they are neatly arranged, and the sections that make up a website are clearly separated, and all of this creates a sense of magic. But the truth is that the sections of a website are clearly distinguished and held together by codes. 2022 is going to be the year where designers are likely to be a little more realistic and include elements like visual borders and frames.

A visible grid has the obvious advantage of separated spaces, easily distinguished from one another. This factor will help visitors to scan the website easily without the feeling of the website getting crowded. This factor, when applied carefully, can give the website a retro feel which again is the trend for this year.

Gender Neutral Designs

Previously, gender-neutral designs were considered to be thoughtful. But today, it has become more of a standard to create gender-neutral designs that will work well for both genders. 

For example, incorporating pink does not mean that the website is meant only for women. Or, including bold and hyper masculine elements like bases and skulls does not mean that the website is just to allure a predominantly male audience. 

Now, it is more common to include gender-neutral elements and multiple gender options on both websites and drop-down menus. Even some e-Commerce stores are not sorting their products by gender and include models of several body types to attract more customers.

It’s a Wrap

Web design elements go through a lot of changes, and each year there are some new inclusions that are to be followed to keep up with the trends and keep your website relevant and best reflect the time we are living in. Following the latest trends in website building will not only keep your website relevant but also will attract more visitors who are your potential customers. 

So, follow the trends mentioned above and include one or some of them in your website to create a visually appealing and engaging site that will not only engage visitors but will also boost your business in the process. 

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