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Prajakta Koli – A Social Media Brand

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Social Media

The news of Prajakta Koli being featured on the Cadbury billboard spreads sheer happiness among the natives – it has delighted the showbiz stars, the common people, and most importantly, the Cadbury lovers of India. Needless to say, Cadbury is a brand that has become synonymous with chocolate over the years. And, when a brand like Cadbury features a person based on her digital presence and social media prevalence, it becomes obvious that you cannot achieve your marketing goals without a weighty social media presence.

Prajakta began her career as an intern at Fever 104 FM in Mumbai before coming up with her own YouTube Channel in February 2015. The all-embracing success of her YouTube channel “MostlySane” showers her with brimming love and hugs from audiences of different ages and locations. She has paved her career journey on social media as a content creator and has become a social media star with her hilarious content tonality. Currently, her connection reaches nearly 7M subscribers and umpteen number of followers. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have brought her the widespread acclimation and fame which has been the backbone of her ‘Cadburious’ achievement.

Social Media – The Connector

Social media – a podium where we spend a good deal of time every day- embraces our day-to-day lives relating to our moods, emotions, vibes, and various daily life events. With more than half the world’s population spending time on social media platforms like their natural place, it becomes easier for any individual or agency to reach highly targeted potential customers. It is quite an impossible job in today’s time to remain away from social media. The reasons might include,

  • Performing job tasks.
  • Receiving daily updates.
  • Spending leisure time.
  • Indulging in amusement.
  • Searching for new information and data from various sources available on the media platform.

Social media connects. It bridges the gap between individuals from different corners of the world.

Social media is a medium that allows us to freely share our thoughts and opinions with individuals from different places, time zones, and demographics. The platform brings together individuals of various age groups, from adolescents to adults to elderly individuals, in sync to discuss diverse issues with enthusiasm and zeal. Social media marketing includes YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn Marketing, and others, proffering agencies robust online visibility. The online media channels bring us together in one line, connecting the world together.

In today’s digitised era, marketing agencies worldwide need social media exposure, and precisely at this point, the media channels turn out to be the most potent and effective to reach brand names to more and more audiences. Content is another crucial aspect here. Your social media presence depends on how your content is and how you present the content before your audience. Ms. Koli took over the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with her realistic, daily-life-oriented content presented with a humorous slant.

And today, she is on the billboard of Cadbury, the internationally celebrated chocolate brand, posing as the brand ambassador. It is a high-attaining and proud moment for the social media world as it again proves to have the deep-rooted potential to push a self-made individual towards broader success. And that’s the power of social media.

Power of Social Media Marketing

Audience base is the crux of marketing. The higher the number of audiences is, the more vivid the marketing results. The more achieving the marketing results are, the loftier the potential is to reach newer heights of success.

Social media marketing strategies channelize your brand idea to your targeted audience in a rapid space. It is a robust way to enhance your virtual presence and expand your brand identity among prospective customers.

If your brand is actively and consistently present on various social media handles, the audiences and users will become well acquainted with what you offer or serve. When the masses are not aware of your products or services, they won’t ever be able to connect to you or show interest in your services or products.

The majority of individuals turn to social media when searching for new ideas and ways or when they want to appreciate a product or a service on an open forum. The mouth of words is a highly influential factor that always goes in favour of a brand reputation. The more visitors talk about your brand; the more users would like to learn about you and follow your updates regularly.

The more expansive the connection will be, the stronger the brand identity. People always search for engaging and relatable content that interests them and can relate to and are happy to share with others. Each marketing agency, whether it deals with ad marketing or digital marketing, requires a solid visual presence on social media to reach a wide number of audience and drive more leads and conversions. Expansive and impactful social media optimization can make a brand out of anything, just like it makes Prajakta a Star.

Social Media Marketing – A Boon to The Digital Marketers

Social media marketing has been an integral part of every business marketing strategy. Irrespective of whether you run a small, medium, or large marketing agency, it is essential to have a rock-hard social media presence. It propels you to knock on the doors of your customers, boosting your brand awareness and visibility. It offers you an extraordinary marketing opportunity to initiate business exposure and spread the idea among people across the globe. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow business owners to create a brand voice for their company. We help you communicate with your audience in person to retain their focus and attention on your site. It is important to acknowledge each user’s response as it reflects how much you care and is attentive to your customers. Social media is the best medium to interact with users and show them genuine concern.

Professionals at Exnovation, a leading digital marketing agency, leverages social media as a ladder to mount to the peak of marketing success. It helps them reach a large number of the audience without any risk of losses. Social media trends keep evolving with time, and the platforms launch updated features every now and then to enable business companies to create well-grounded strategies to fit customer demand. Experts prefer video marketing strategies on social media platforms to maintain close customer engagement, ensuring long-term customer retention.

Final Extract

Right leverage of social media empowers you to enhance your online visibility, drive attention from a large audience, showcase your expertise, resulting in high traffic. Prajakta Koli has nailed the concept with her maverick approach. You can do it too. Today you don’t have to be on the silver screen to celebrate the star in you. The power of social media is such that it can reach an individual or a brand with the right potential and approach to the height of popularity and success. It is advantageous for all to market their products or services via social media platforms to meet a wider audience and shape a brand. 



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