How SEO Poisoning Threatens Companies
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SEO Poisoning Threatens Companies

How SEO Poisoning Threatens Companies

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing

We all know that black hat SEO is banned from the search engine optimization world. But, some companies cannot ignore its short-term result and can go to any length to get this job done. They may give you a rank within a very short span of time but drag you down in future. SEO positioning is the recently used term that addresses a very serious issue of cybercrime. Practising this service offers nothing good to you. Here are some reasons why you must be aware of SEO Poisoning. Get a Free SEO Consultation that helps you know more about search engine optimization, bad SEO, and more.

SEO poisoning can be done in many ways. Attackers have so many options to do this job. Frauds are taking advantage of search engines loopholes and they come up with a strategy that helps them get money from viewers illegally. Attackers target some special events like the Olympics, the world cup, and other important occasions. At the time of the natural disaster, criminals with the help of SEO positioning ask people for financial help and they get success in their false attempts because of their rank. Search engine optimization is really a complex thing. The more you go deeper, the better you learn.

SEO positioning is time-bound and it tricks search engines to get the rank. They show malicious content on the top of the result page, and people visit these sites without knowing anything. Since visitors rely more on search engines, they are unaware of it.

Ways To Do SEO Poisoning:

Stuffing keywords:

Attackers often pick the best keyword and stuff them on their websites. Since search engines also understand the value of keywords, they often cannot differentiate between ethical and unethical optimizations.

Cloaking technique:

There is another way of doing bad SEO. The cloaking technique delivers different web content to a user.

Improper link building:

Some companies design a layer of and they exchange links between them. It builds authority and the page is shown on the top of the result page.

Malware distribution:

This is the most common option for poisoning the search engine optimization process. Through malware distribution, attackers can create problems on individual sites and on rival websites and corporate networks.

Cybercriminals are stealing confidential information of companies through this malware distribution and fetch a large sum of money by threatening them.

You have to ensure that your website stays protected from this SEO poisoning so that your customers can safely visit and purchase products from you. If your website is vulnerable to this threat, you can lose your reputation.

Some precautions are taken by users:

Users can avoid these problems by taking the right measure. Always update the browser and use the latest version only. Use the sites that are protected with HTTPS. You must have an antivirus that warns you about the bad codes.

SEO poisoning can impact your SEO. If you are building a website, make sure that your site is protected from this. Hire the best search engine optimization service and take a step towards making a reliable brand image. Exnoweb Infolabs is really a reputed company and they will be with you always. Performing white hat SEO and offering the best organic result to companies, they serve the real business interest to clients.


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