Utilize Tangential SEO to Reach a Larger Range of Audiences
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Utilize Tangential SEO to Reach a Larger Range of Audiences

Utilize Tangential SEO to Reach a Larger Range of Audiences

by | Aug 12, 2023 | Digital Marketing

The constantly evolving world of SEO makes for an extremely demanding place, not suitable for the faint of heart. Traditional SEO practices focus on keyword optimization and topics directly relevant to a business. However, to stay ahead in this highly competitive scene, you need to do more than everyone else is doing. 

The need for fresh content arises as markets become saturated with the old and boring. That’s where tangential SEO comes in. Tangential SEO refers to creating and optimizing content for topics tangentially related to a business. This enables businesses to target a wider audience. 

What is Tangential Content?

Tangential content is relevant to your core business without being directly connected to your product or service. Say you want to sell a herbicide. To do so, you’re probably focusing your targets on the benefits of organic herbicide and why to choose you over other brands in the market. This is a traditional SEO practice. However, tangential SEO would involve creating content on anything from gardening tips, gardening tools, and best practices to even drawbacks of regular pesticides and herbicides to promote a product. As long as there is even the slightest connection to your core business, your trusty digital marketing company in Sydney can create wonders.

Why is it Important?

Tangential content has infinite possibilities and phenomenal benefits. From reaching a wider audience, building brand authority, and improving SEO performance, tangential content is the jack of all trades of digital marketing agencies in Sydney

A few key benefits of tangential content include:

  • Increase in media mentions
  • More social media engagements+shares
  • Broader audience reach
  • Increase awareness with broader content topics
  • Ability to cater to trending or current topic
  • Target a larger number of publishers to boost link-building and PR

Tips for nailing Tangential SEO

You don’t need to limit yourself to just branded content when the possibilities are infinite. However, concentrating your efforts in the right direction is crucial to take advantage of tangential SEO. Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with ideas for tangential content.

  • Buyer personas – Understanding your buyer’s persona is the best way to reach them effectively. The buyer persona is an ideal representation of your customers based on real data and market research about your existing customers.
  • Support ideas with data – Google and Facebook ad tools provide tremendous insight into customers’ patterns. This data, combined with buyer personas, allows you to adapt your content to target customers more efficiently.
  • Leverage trending topics – Ideas for tangential content are always coming up in the news. Upcoming holidays, seasonal events, movies, sports, cultural events, and politics are all great for fueling your tangential content ideas.


Over the past decade, the pace of change has increased dramatically. Keeping with this exponential speed is the only way businesses can get and stay ahead of their competition. Branded content was great in the past, but tangential content is the new black.  

Keep your brand from lagging behind on the internet! Leverage the power of tangential SEO with the leading digital marketing company in Sydney. Contact us if you are interested in content creation or digital marketing services!


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