BRAVE - the new browser and BAT - Basic Attention Token have launched an innovative application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The USP of the web browser is its privacy-centric approach and the opportunity of earning rewards for BRAVE users. This browser blocks all current ads and restricts the transmission of any data, except the number of clicks on the ads, back to the advertiser. In case, BRAVE creates matching ad posts as advertisers for the willing viewers based on their interest in engagement.

The BRAVE Factor

We have seen it recently that people are getting a stereotypical concept of the browser that blocks ads. But it is not just an ad blocking browser. It admonishes your Privacy and backs your choice. If you hate ads - stop seeing those. If you wish to see particular ads - get it. If you wish to block cookies and scripts - do it. If you think of sharing your information - then share. This browser limits you from nothing but brings back the control to the users.
While so many businesses violate user privacy, efforts like Brave drive on the opposite side.

Features & Details of the Browser

  1. Faster Browsing – Brave browser loads faster than regular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.
  2. Privacy Maintenance – This browser helps maintain user privacy and security by blocking Cookies, Script, Fingerprints and Phishing & Malware.
  3. Dealing with Ads - Brave blocks all the ads outside the BAT ecosystem, though has the choice for the users who want to see or track particular ads.
  4. Auto-contribution – Users can automatically contribute their BAT tokens to their favourite websites on which they spend most of their time.
  5. Time-Saving Browser – How? Once you enable the basic Brave features like script & cookie blocking, ad blocking, websites load noticeably faster than before and save a lot of time
  6. Money Making – Yes, you can make money by saving mobile data by stop loading the ads.
  7. Give Some Tip – If you found some content exceptionally good and engaging, you can tip the writer as a token of appreciation.
  8. Earn from Ads - More interestingly, the users can earn from the Browser. Users are able to earn up to 70% of ad revenue as BAT tokens from Brave Ads.

What is the BRAVE User Count Now?

By the start of 2018, Brave only had 1 million users roughly. And by the end of the year, it crossed 5.5 million user count. That’s a jaw-dropping 450% increase in user base, right! Currently (as per the last report released in March'19), Brave has more than 20 million downloads from Google Play only.

So, address the issue of the data breach and privacy concerns due to cookies and adverts with the powered Brave browser now.

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