In today’s world content marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for the business owners to reach their potential customer. As the 2017 has witnessed an extensive use of content marketing across all industries, it will even continue to grow well in 2018 especially among the small & medium scale business industries.

Content marketing offers better engagement as well better conversion at an affordable cost than the other forms of traditional marketing. As the past year has witnessed the rise in usage of ad-blocker software among the online user around the world, content marketing becomes the most effective & efficient way to get a message through with assurance. That’s the reason why the business owners need to give more attention on content marketing.

The below are the five content marketing trends that will help you in your content marketing strategy for the current year & reap maximum benefits out of the same for your business organization.

Creation of Quality Relevant Content - As the number of online users’ increases day by day, the demand for quality content has also increased remarkably. This makes the business entities to think that producing more content is the right way to come into limelight through the content marketing. Over the past years Google algorithm has become more sophisticated at deciding the relevancy of content. And now crawling bots have become smarter in detecting whether the content is user-friendly or not. Also, relevancy is considered an important factor which triggers engagement & that is the reason why content marketing is carried out in the first place.

So, if you create a relevant content for your readers, it will be appreciated by them & will share you content across social media platforms which helps your post to appear on the top of the search results based on your targeted keywords that you have used in your content.

So, in this year, you have to give your full attention in creating quality relevant content for your targeted audience according to your business niche which will help you immensely in promoting your brand in-front of them & also making them paying clients for your organization.

Influencer Marketing - Influencer marketing has become an indispensable part of content marketing in recent days & will continue to be so because influencer marketing does bring the results. According to a survey conducted by global information & data giant Nielson about 90% people trust a company if it is endorsed by an influential individual even if they don’t know them. B2B content marketing drives most of its power from the social media icons & industry leaders. So brand specialists, social media marketers & PR firms rely on influencer marketing to help business to grow.

Video - Video content is not new concept as this has been used by many brands in their email marketing campaign & social media updates for quite some time for the lead generation purpose. And now with better video compression algorithm around the corner, videos are being used extensively to send across brand message, promotion of a offer or just for the purpose of create engagement. There are plenty of tools available for video marketing to create & share eye-catching & engaging videos & also by using such tools, you can create a lots of videos at a short span of time. While tools can help you in creating videos, engagement can only be build on the base of ideas. And for that you need to take inspiration from other brands are running their video marketing campaigns.

IOT (Internet of Things) – Most of the brands are now utilizing the power of IOT devices in order to provide a unique brand experience to the consumers. When you hear the term IOT, devices like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home will come into your mind. As many business entities have taken aim of taking direct conversation in another level, IOT has given a great opportunity for their brands to become an integral part of a consumer’s life. Business organizations are now using IOT to share content with a much wider section of audiences who don’t want to be hooked on a device.

These are the latest content marketing trends you need to know in order run your content marketing campaign smoothly & can increase revenue for your business organization.

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