The way businesses are running today is completely different from the traditional business model. The introduction of digital platform and internet has transformed everything. The business industry gets the best of its impact and embraced new strategies for buying, selling, or communicating with consumers. Everyone is familiar with the new terms e-business and e-commerce. These two things change the entire vision of business and make it more convenient for consumers. Though these two terms are used interchangeably, they borrow different meanings. Read on to know what the differences are between e-business and e-commerce.

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a way of buying, selling or ordering goods and services online. An online commercial transaction is made between sellers and buyers without the intervention of a face-to-face communication. It is the most convenient way of getting your products in your hand without visiting a market. People accept this change wholeheartedly and new businesses also join the e-commerce sector for targeting a better profit. 

E-business And E-Commerce Design & Development Solutions
E-business is called an online presence of a business and it includes many strategies to run, of which e-commerce is a known one. When you are talking about e-business, you are mentioning all strategies that are needed to run an organization online. E-business is done through an electronic and internet data change. 

While e-commerce is restricted to buying and selling goods, e-business spreads across a wide area of activities, including offering services to consumers, communicating with clients and business partners, and solving consumers' problem by providing the necessary details. It is a broad concept that defines a business. There are generally two kinds of e-business concept you have. Pure-Play is a type of e-business that has an electronic existence only. Brick and Click is another type of e-business in which companies can sell both online and offline. 

E-commerce is a necessary and major part of e-business. The concept grows hugely and helps companies make profits by approaching consumers in a more convenient way. But, e-commerce is not e-business as per the definition. 

The basic requirement of e-commerce is a website where consumers can buy products and make payments through the internet. It is involved with different types of communication such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B and more. 

So, it can be said that e-business is a broad term of e-commerce. It needs a website, a customer relationship management, a resource planning, and more. You have an e-business that you can run on an e-commerce platform. If you have a profitable business idea and you are looking for ways to go online, contact Exnovation Infolabs. It offers you a complete solution of e-business and e-commerce. The expert team helps you with the right resources and planning tools. Visit to get a free consultation.  

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