What is Exnovation?

Exnovation is a web development company that creates and designs websites and applications for it's customers. 

Why will we choose Exnovation?

People who want their websites designed come to us because of our easy to use opt in options and our reliability. We provide a wide range of themes and customisation ideas to our clients.

What are themes and what is customisation?

Themes are the different designs of the layouts that are available to a customer. Our client can choose from a wide variety of themes that we provide along with a large array of options.  Customisation of a website is when a client asks for specific details to be incorporated in the layout of the website.

How bad is the pocket pinch?

With Exnovation, you won't feel the pinch at all! We deliver the very best. However, we are cheap but invaluable!

How can we opt out of it?

Our aim is to satisfy our clients. However, sometimes, we fail to do so. In such a case, our client can ask for a refund which will be processed according to our refund policies. (Read our refund policies for more details.

How do I know that my privacy is protected?

At Exnovation, we don't compromise with the quality of our products and with the privacy of our customers. We ensure a safe exchange and guarantee the safety of the financial and other details of the customer entrusted to us. (Read our privacy policies for more details.

When do I receive my product?

We work in tight deadlines. So, our clients receive their product within the stipulated time that is decided upon by both the client and the company officials.

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