The world of applications is dominated by the technologies of app development- native app development, cross platform app development and hybrid app development. Native apps are the ones that can directly communicate with the operating system because of their similarity in structures. However, a native app can work on a particular kind of operating system. If it has to work on some other operating system, it has to be developed all over again. 

Cross platform apps are flexible in their demeanor. They are developed using HTML and CSS which are the components of web development. These apps can run across platforms. For example, an app with the cross platform framework can work on both iOS and Android environments as their basic structure consists of versatile languages like HTML5 or JAVASCRIPT. 

Hybrid apps, on the other hand, are created using both these technologies- native and cross platform. The benefit of these apps is that they can communicate with the operating system that they are working on while being flexible. These can be run on multiple platforms and work just the same. At Exnovation, we have a team dedicated to this area of expertise. We keep in mind the need of the user and the specifications our customer intends to incorporate within the framework of the app. We take great care of the tiniest detail that the app might require in order to give it's users a smooth run through their app usage. 

Cross platform and hybrid apps

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