Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, or any kind of business, you must be interested in managing your online reputation. Online reviews can make or break a business. Many people use review sites to decide where to eat dinner or where to shop for their next big purchase. There are plenty of ways to manage your online reputation and improve reviews proactively.  Every business deserves an excellent reputation. But when customers have a terrible experience, their online reviews can take your business down with them.

Online reputation management is all about monitoring your brand's online presence and ensuring that everything is positive. You can protect against bad reviews, real or fake, and keep your company’s reputation in good standing with the public. The more you use these strategies, the more you will improve your reputation as a company. 

Managing your online reputation is about more than just removing bad reviews or negative comments. It’s about dealing with a situation before it becomes a full-blown crisis. A few things can hurt a business, like poor publicity. Your online reputation can be impacted in seconds by social media or poor customer service, sometimes even by something outside of your control. To help you minimize those risks and avoid negative online reviews, Exnovation’s online reputation management guide gives you a step-by-step plan for building a solid brand presence and growing your business over time.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is Different From PR  

Public relations experts and online reputation management (ORM) firms both have the same goal, i.e., re-shaping the perception of a company in the minds of consumers. However, they achieve this goal in different ways. PR firms work externally through advertising and coordinated media promotional efforts. It’s mostly a proactive effort to strengthen brands instead of minimizing attacks on companies. Online reputation management, on the other hand, is most often reactive. It involves looking for and responding to potentially damaging content from other people or companies.

Reasons To Manage Your Online Reputation 

A brand’s reputation is a perception of your company and can be built over time or destroyed instantly by a single negative experience. While a brand's hits online can be numerous, they’re often small attacks, like a negative comment here and a low star rating. None of these blows is worth a full-scale PR campaign, but they add up quickly. You need online reputation management to take care of little things before they can cause any damage. Reputation management is a must for business success in the present scenario. Reputation management helps you protect your reputation by managing online content. ORM strategies include responding directly to claims and providing negative reviews with context so consumers can see them or even removing reviews that are not true or relevant.

How Online Reputation Management Works  

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of influencing and managing the brand’s reputation on social media platforms. It encompasses monitoring your brand’s name on the web, ensuring that information about your business remains positive, answering negative reviews before they spread, and taking proactive steps to promote your good name by creating positive articles, videos, and other content.  

Why Is Reputation Management Important for Your Online Business? 

Here is an efficient ORM strategy that will benefit your business:

Impact on buying decisions 

If there is a lack of online reputation management, it can cost you your entire customer base. The way you appear online is crucial because it can make or break your online awareness. An online reputation matters because consumers get a clear idea about your business by reading online reviews.

It’s the online version of word of mouth   

Online reviews are critical. A maximum of the consumers treat online reviews as personal recommendations and trust as a suggestion from a friend. It is incredible if your online reviews are great. Any negative reviews can spread like wildfire and result in a complete bombshell. 

There Is No “Delete "Button for Negative Reviews  

The internet never forgets. Whatever people are saying about your business online is likely to stay online. However, you have a chance of altering a negative opinion about your business through a proper response to the unhappy customer. This increases your chances of turning them into loyal fans and leads to increased future sales. A study revealed that 70% of customers who complained and got a satisfying response from the business came back again and did more business with them. Another study shows that customers whose complaints were dealt with in less than 5 minutes tend to spend more on future purchases from your business.

You Can Get Valuable Feedback  

Collecting opinions, views, and feedback from your customers helps know how they feel about your business. The analysis will help you understand what they think about the level of customer service you provide and what they like or dislike about your product or services. With this information at hand, you can improve your customer service and do better next time around.

Ways To Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation  

If you want to run a successful online reputation management campaign, you need a process that can be put in place. Of course, the process will vary from company to company, depending on your size, industry, and resources. But take these eight rules Exnovation outlined below as the key milestones for establishing an efficient ORM strategy.

Perform an audit of your online reputation  

An online reputation management audit reveals how people see you online and what kind of issues you are facing in challenging that view. To do this, you have to conduct some brand monitoring. Your goal at this stage is to collect, identify, categorize and rank all conversations about your company across the internet.

Create An Online Reputation Management Strategy  

When it comes to online reputation management, one of the first things you should consider is whether you need it. It is a truth that no brand can succeed nowadays without having a solid presence on the internet, but that doesn't mean that you have to jump on every single social media platform out there. Instead of being scattered all over the place and losing focus, it would be advisable to concentrate on the most relevant ones: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three leading platforms you need to be active. And don't forget about your website. Here are the few essential strategies that Exnovation follows:
  • ORM prioritization
  • Policy Definition, Guidelines & Tone of Voice
  • Urgent/Non-Urgent response
  • Response Templates

Monitor Brand Mentions Efficiently 

Monitoring online conversations is an integral part of a proactive social media strategy. But it's much more than checking what ranks on Google. With the help of appropriate tools, you can set up a campaign to monitor the web for mentions of your brand, products, and people so that you always know what others are saying about you, positive and negative. And with social listening analytics data at your fingertips, you can react quickly by resolving any issues identified.

Dominate SERPs for Brand Searches  

The most successful online reputation management strategy incorporates SEO. You have to be noticed in some way. The best way is to have a website that ranks highly. Also, focus on optimizing your official social media channels, as these sites typically appear within the top 10 for branded searches. But chances are, you won't fill the entire space with your media. The best way to get there is to optimize your official social media channels, as these sites typically appear within the top 10 for branded searches. 

Encourage Positive Reviews Online  

Online reviews have become an influential part of our lives. Modern consumers heavily depend on online reviews for making a purchase, but not so much for discovering new products and services. According to a study, 90% of buyers are influenced by positive online reviews, and 86% will choose not to buy from you if there is negative feedback. Yet, only 46% of consumers leave reviews so the stats might look even more impressive for businesses actively soliciting customer feedback.

Manage negative online reviews 

Bad reviews directly impact your business's bottom line, discouraging your existing and potential customers from using your services or product. A survey unveils that 94% of consumers admit that a negative online review can turn them off from choosing a particular business. It also reveals that 48% of online shoppers say that online reviews affect their buying decisions, with 64% reading more than three reviews before making a final decision on a purchase. So it’s not surprising to see that 56% of online shoppers read online reviews before visiting a physical store. When determining which reviews are problematic, consider those ranked highly in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

Make Content That Is Always On-Brand 

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is shaping their image to provide an excellent first impression. We can help with online reputation management, which helps to curb negative reviews or conversations around your business. If prospective customers search for you online, they should see a consistent brand message throughout all platforms they visit.

Choose Influencers Wisely 

Many business owners are turning their attention to influencer marketing as a new way to reach out to customer bases they previously couldn’t reach. But you need to consider many essential factors before associating your brand name with a specific individual. Influencer marketing is quite effective and can be used for different purposes. 

How does Exnovation Build Your Brands Online Reputation?   

Exnovation has a team of highly skilled and experienced online reputation experts.  We are driven by our desire to help small businesses and individuals who have been hurt by negative online reviews, Google My Business listing issues, or unwanted content. Our reputation management team works closely with you to develop a plan that best fits your needs. We'll research, analyze and assess the issues in question, then create a strategy that balances what matters most to you. To secure the best online reputation management, we focus on:

Review from new customers 

Online reputation management is a strategy used to fix damage to your website and social media presence by negative or fraudulent reviews. Our reputation services team uses advanced reputation management software to launch email and SMS drip campaigns and automate your review generation. We reach out to your best customers and encourage them to provide feedback to clean up internet reputation messes and push down negative reviews.

Reviews From Past Customers 

Your online reputation is the overall viewpoint held by your stakeholders. Your past interactions and reputation management reviews remain essential in your internet reputation repair efforts. Our repair online reputation services team performs a thorough online reputation check using our reputation management tool to assess your digital presence, monitor all your brand mentions across the web, and guide your online reputation repair. We create a plan that includes a range of reputation repair tactics, including review generation and review response publishing, to put you back in control.

Managing Your Reviews 

Popular online review sites can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. When used effectively, they can drive traffic to your site, boost credibility and encourage sales. But when surpassed by negative comments and reviews, this tool can become a nightmare for businesses. We do a full damage assessment of your online reviews profile on Google My Business, Yelp, and other platforms and formulate the best online reputation repair strategy tailored to your needs. At Exnovation, we take a multi-faceted approach to fix online reputation concerns. You can rely on us to clean up online reputation messes and put your business in the spotlight, from online reputation management for individuals and brands to search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. We are a team of highly trusted professionals that specialize in managing all aspects of online reputation, including reputation management services to remove negative reviews, address complaints by customers, improve your search engine results page (SERP) rankings, increase website traffic, and more through media monitoring, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing services, etc.

Increase Star Ratings  

Reputation is everything for your business. It is one of the significant factors that can set you apart from your competition. Many internet reputation management companies are out there, but most operate like large-scale software firms that simply sell you a seat to a platform. It is up to you to craft your strategy and determine the best way to repair your reputation and benefit from the investment.  We are more consultative in generating a unique strategy for your business based on your needs. Our internet reputation services team helps you determine which platforms are most important to you for review generation. We also help you decide how far back you'd like to go to ask customers for reviews and how many customers we should contact each month to help you achieve a natural and consistent flow of new reviews. Our Google repair service team creates custom outreach template content. It assists you with review response content to keep an effective strategy intact for the long term and increase your star ratings over time. This way, you will be able to take control of these critical areas and confidently move forward with your business in this new economy.

Ongoing Segment Monitoring 

Online reputation management and reputation clean-up are vital services to help your business or company improve its reputation. Reputation management can take several months to see valuable results, so following it carefully is essential. You may want to engage an outside consultant to assist with the process that will make your online presence become too overwhelming. It is also recommended that you continuously monitor any new reviews as they come in through social media networks and other external websites and conduct monthly reputation audits. Exnovation's reputation services team helps you strategize a game plan to efficiently and strategically rebuild your online reputation. With a proven strategy based on your current situation, our internet reputation services team focuses on a results-driven approach to set you up for optimal success. We also create a realistic timeline to achieve your business goals.

Choose Exnovation For Online Reputation Management Services

Exnovation is an online reputation repair company trusted by thousands of business professionals across industries and locations. We manage your online reputation management campaign with our expert team and handle all your concerns.  Exnovation is taking online reputation management to a new level. We believe that it should be an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. Recognized as one of the leading online reputation repair companies, we build strategic online marketing campaigns that address every aspect of your company's online presence. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts is here to deliver significant results to our clients across different industries and locations.

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