Google Adwords is the most popular amongst the online advertising platforms that business entities use to run their pay per click marketing campaign to advertise their products and services in front of their prospects online.

At, Google Adwords platform, there are numerous targeting option & setting available which caters to different types of businesses. One must use these features in their campaign carefully, as any lapse in choosing campaign feature can cost you to pay a large portion of your campaign budget without achieving your desired marketing goal.

In this article, we will discuss on points how to maximize your ROI for every penny that you send in Adwords for your pay per click campaign. So let's get started!

Create An Excellent Account Structure – A good structure Adwords account increases the chance that your ad spend can turn into a profit. For a well structured Adwords, account relevancy plays an important role in the creation of it. Numerous studies have shown us that Cost-Per-Acquisition of a campaign falls by as much as 60% simply by improving the structure of an Adwords account. Keywords, ad-groups & ads of an Adwords campaign should be related. By this, you can improve your ads quality score, which in turn helps you get your desired leads with spending a minimal amount.

Keyword Research - If you are working with a tight budget, you need to look out what your targeted customers are searching for & thoroughly research your keyword options. But you need to be careful about the keywords that you want to bid on. Use the keyword planner to get a glimpse about how much a click is going to cost you & see if the keyword fits within your budget. Use cautious approach to limit the number of keywords that you bid on, at least in the initial phase. Keep the focus on targeted keywords which will help you to avoid running out of your campaign budget quickly. It will be better to start with small, pause the keywords of the campaign which aren't working and add other profitable keywords on the campaign gradually with a sharp focus on the quality over quantity.

Negative Keywords – Negative keywords plays an important role in the succession of an every PPC campaign on Adwords network. It is an essential part which helps you to run a cost-effective campaign. The main advantage of the negative keyword is that they don't trigger the ads to appear when any user searching for that particular keyword. Google Adwords filters the negative keywords, which they think have no any relevancy regarding your brand. Google Adwords also enables you to ad negative keywords to your shared library in your account regularly so that you can be sure about the relevancy of clicks and save your money.

Use Ad Extensions - Google Adwords provide advertisers with the various ad extensions to make the ads more appealing & compelling which helps to increase the click-through rate of an advertisement. This also increases the quality score of the advertisement & gain a competitive spot in the search results. To maximize the ROI from your ad campaign, use these ad extensions in your campaign provided by the Google Adwords.

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