Privacy policies enumerate rules to safe guard the interests of the clients and protects their information from any other undesired sources except the source they are providing their information to. Privacy policies are drawn up by companies to build the trust of their customers and to ensure a long lasting relationship.

Our privacy policy:

Building trust among our clients: Our privacy policy is in light with the best interests of our clients. We guarantee the protection of our consumer's information from any sources other than us. Their vital details like contact and financial information is safe with Exnovation. 

How we use our cookies: Our cookie policy follows the standard cookie rules. Our usage of cookies is to solely enhance a client's experience with us. We never misuse the information that we gather and take great care while dealing with these pieces of comprehensive details. 

We protect our client's personal and financial information: The personal and the financial information provided by a customer is handled with great care. These details provided by the consumer is stored in our data base in an encrypted form and is not disclosed to any other websites or individuals who might not be connected to our company. We use the information our customer provides us with, at places where they are required and that is never without the knowledge of the client.

Our clients can easily opt out of our services: Opting out of our services is easy and hassle free with no overheads. We provide an easy procedure to do so. When a customer does so, we ensure it is done in a process that is safe and secure. In case a customer wants to opt out, he or she has only to get in touch with our team to communicate their decision and the request is processed in a short while.

Our third party website policy: We do provide services from other websites. However, this will never mean that we will pass on our customer's information to these companies or websites or applications. Their information is not shared with any other sources without a prior notice to the client and without his or her permission. 

Feel free to contact us: We have an efficient support team who work hard to achieve perfection in this area. Our contact information is available and if, at any point of time, our client feels he or she should directly communicate with the team regarding some problem, he or she is free to. We are ready to help.

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