What is a refund policy?

The refund policy of a company entails the rules and regulations for effective, hassle free refunds in case a client is not satisfied with his or her products. Refund policies are maintained to safe guard a client's interests and to ensure a transparent process of exchange. However, the rules of refund processes is different for different companies, sometimes changing according to the category the company can be classified under. For example, companies dealing with application development may have the same kinds of refund policies while the companies dealing with web development might have policies differing from that of the app development companies. Refund policies aims at establishing a holistic approach of a client towards the company and vice versa.

Our refund policy

We believe in giving our clients what they deserve- the best. However, sometimes it may so happen that we fail to satisfy them. In that case, a client is free to ask for a refund from us. We exercise a 21 day refund policy whereby a client can request for a refund within 21 days of receiving his or product. He or she is to clearly specify the reason for the cancellation of the order that he or she had placed and contact our support team to inform them of the same. A client is to submit the request containing the reason for the cancellation and thus the refund, along with his or her name, contact details and the details of the mode of payment that he or she had used. It is to be noted that our team reserves all rights to warrant such a cancellation request. If we, on careful, unbiased consideration, deem it fit to refund the money to the client, the process will be initiated. We usually take a few days to start the procedure. However, our team is prompt in replying to such requests and these are taken up very seriously by the company. Our client has the flexibility to get in touch with us whenever he or she thinks it right. If it is within our office hours, we immediately look into the matter, while if it is beyond our office hours, we look into the request on the very next working day.

We Look for these details, when a refund is requested from Client side

Invoice No.

Contact details

Email ID

Phone number 

Once The refund is approved from our side, we immediately refund the amount to the customer in the mode through which we received payment.

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