Take the word design and most of the people would relate it to graphic design. As soon as somebody says that he/she is a designer most of us immediately relate that to designing activity. However it is necessary to know that a designer has more than one responsibility and the activity of design plays a big role in the range of domains, for example, graphic design, interior design and much more. In recent years technology has shifted the focus on screens with interfaces being created for same. This development has also lead to the emergence of varied tech roles and the job titles like UX developer and UI designer. 

UI and UX are different- UX design refers to user experience design while UI means the User interface. Both of these are necessary for creating an IT product and should work closely. While these roles are integral to each, the roles themselves are varied, involving distinct procedures. 

UX design aims User Experience- Indeed UX aims for enhancing the user experience with your product. It is the responsibility of the UX team to better customer experience with your product and it is them who ensure 'functionality', 'usability' and 'user adaptability' in a product.

UI and UX design
UI works on User Interface-

As the term itself indicates the UI works on the User Interface and is responsible for ensuring flawless look and feel, Responsiveness and Interactivity in an Interface. Because an Interface is a place where the user interacts with the product, therefore, the same is made professionally while keeping the minute technical details into consideration.

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