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6 Top SEO Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business Online- Exnoweb

6 Top SEO Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business Online

by | Oct 6, 2023 | SEO

Today’s world is tech-based. Today, if someone faces any plumbing issue, they are likely going to look for plumbers near them on the internet. If they do not find your business online, they are going to go with your competitor’s services. So, in today’s online world, it’s of prime importance to apply the best SEO practices and increase the rankings on search engines like Google. 

SEO can boost rankings and help users interested in your services find you and avail of the services from you. The plumbing business is highly competitive; thus, doing the right SEO for your website and listings is necessary. Learn what SEO for plumbing is from Exnovation – the leading digital marketing agency in Baltimore, and how to use it best to take the leading position on search engines. 

What is SEO for Plumbers?

In short, SEO for plumbers is the process of applying techniques and procedures to help your website rank higher in search engines. Digital marketing has become extremely important in developing marketing strategies that work in increasing the visibility and credibility of businesses such as plumbing.

First, the users type in their requirements, such as “best plumbing services near me,” and the search engine algorithm then runs in the background and arranges the results according to a variety of ranking factors, such as relevant keyword use, the credibility and accuracy of the information on the website, and many other technical factors. 

The first in the search results are the advertisements that run on Google for relevant search queries. You can run ad campaigns like PPC (pay-per-click) to be visible here. Below that comes the organic results – results that can’t be bought. Here is where SEO comes in. A good plumbing SEO strategy considers a number of factors, including quality content, keywords, the accuracy of the information, the authority of your website, the number of quality backlinks, and many others, to help your business website rank high so that users can find you easily. 

6 Best Plumbing SEO Practices

Most searchers do not look beyond the first page of the Google search results pages. So, your goal is to rank as high as possible in the SERPs – preferably in the top two or three. Here are the best practices in SEO that should help you achieve this goal. 

1. Keyword Research

The first and most important step of any digital marketing strategy is to find out the local search keywords you want to rank for. This initial step is a very important part of your keyword strategy. 

So, find the keywords – the words people search for on the internet when looking for your business. You can make a list of services that you usually get a call for, such as fixing burst pipes, leaking water heaters, or anything else that is a common query of your customers. Next, add your location to that to find your unique keywords. For example, if you specialize in fixing leaking washing machines, “fix leaking washing machine Baltimore” can be your keyword. Incorporate these keywords in the website content you create to make the search engines understand what your services are all about so that they can rank you for relevant search queries. 

If you get stuck, there are a lot of free keyword research tools available to help you do the research and make sure only the right keywords get incorporated into your content. A good way to start is finding keywords with high volume but low competition relevant to your business and then including them in your content. 

2. Create Separate Service Pages

Any trusted SEO agency in Baltimore will tell you that creating separate SEO-optimized service pages for all your services comes next in your digital marketing strategy. The keywords should be there on the homepage. But that’s obvious. You must also include relevant keywords in the service pages as well. For example, if you have a water leak fixing service, you should create a page on water leak fixing and create detailed content on the services you provide on that service page. You must also include keywords in HTML title tags and Meta descriptions to tell the search engines what exactly is on that page. 

Having separate optimized service pages will increase your chances of those pages ranking separately for the keywords, which increases the chance of users clinking onto your site. 

Structuring your site is also important. Include your address, phone number, and other information through which visitors can easily find you. Also, include a powerful CTA for users to request a free quote. Expert website-building services will also help you create websites that are mobile-friendly and speedy.  

3. Optimize Your Google My Business Listings

Creating a Google My Business page is absolutely essential for any business, including plumbing. Make sure you include the correct information, such as address, phone number, website link, working hours, and other areas that you need to fill out. You also have the option of including images in the listings to add credibility to your business. The accuracy and consistency of this information across all platforms is the key to making a successful business listing. For instance, your Google and Yelp business listings must have the same information. 

4. Include Keywords in Your Social Media and Content Marketing

A good SEO strategy by a leading SEO agency in Baltimore must include marketing a business on social media and making endeavors on other types of content marketing. When writing on social media, including keywords is a wise choice. Include them in your post copy and captions. If you’re posting videos, keep them short and include keywords in the video title, meta descriptions, and audio. If you’re writing long-form blogs, include the keywords in titles, headings, and throughout it to make it easily discoverable by search engines. Then, you can post them on social media for greater reach. 

When creating content, make sure you include valuable information – information that people are looking for, in your blogs or videos while highlighting your services. Aim to include valuable information while raising brand awareness and showing that you are an expert in the field. Also, publish regularly, as search engines love consistently posted content that is of high quality and provides solutions to user queries. 

5. Generate Backlinks

Backlinks form a fundamental part of off-page SEO, which is done outside your website to rank it. Have a great link-building strategy in place to make sure you get quality backlinks. A backlink is when a different website relevant to your industry has a link to your website or other pages. With growing authority and quality content, you can ask for backlinks from high-authority websites. Also, there are lots of other techniques to earn high-quality backlinks, for which connecting with an SEO expert will be the right choice. 

6. Consult a Plumbing SEO Expert

The technicalities of SEO are varied. It requires a lot of knowledge and time to do the right thing. Even if you know how to do SEO for your plumbing business, it’s always better to leave the task in expert hands. So, connect with a trusted digital marketing agency in Baltimore that should be able to help you with the SEO of your plumbing company.


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