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All You Need to Know About PPC Marketing

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Paid Ads/PPC/SEM

In the constantly evolving world of digitalization, PPC has been one of the well-established and brilliant marketing strategies. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is a unique marketing strategy where the advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their ads. The kind of advertising concerns Search Engines like Google Ads. The advertisers at digital marketing agencies in Adelaide play their bids on the keywords where their ads appear on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) like Bing, Yahoo, or Google whenever any user searches for the related keyword. Additionally, PPC can be advertised through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and websites display adsl. 

Advantages of pay-per-click

To fuel up your business sales, incorporating PPC in the digital marketing mix is a must for the online marketing agencies. In other words, PPC is a method of buying visitors to visit the website. This not only opens doors for innumerable benefits but makes a huge difference for all those who are not taking this under consideration. Scroll down to learn more benefits of adapting pay-per-click advertising.

  • It’s Cost-effective

Traditionally, the advertisers pay a certain amount to display their advertisements but with PPC, it’s not the same. Here the marketer pays an amount only when a visitor clicks to view the ad. Therefore there is a clear synchronization between the performance and cost that ultimately saves a lot of time.

  • Helps you Target the Right Audience

Pay-per-click enables you to classify and sort your market to reach your proper audience which will turn your potential lead into conversion. You can choose goals for both the keywords and your audience in your approach. Not necessarily the new, you can also target your old and current customers based on their interests, geographic location, date, time, behavior, device, keywords, and many other factors. The core objective is to boost your clicks and maximize your sales. To capture high-quality leads, PPC is crucial. 

  • Converts Lead

Pay-per-click pulls the trigger to increase visibility and lands on the screens of potential leads who all are looking for your products and services. This helps to turn the visitors into customers

  • Increases Website Traffic

When the users search for something related to your services or products, your ads will appear on those platforms. This will eventually drive your website traffic with a simple click.

  • Contributes to Faster Results

In a world where we thrive for faster results, PPC comes as a blessing. Once the PPC campaign goes live, the outcomes are visible instantly. Within hours, the ads will appear in front of the visitors. 

  • Customizes your Campaign

Pay-per-click allows the marketer to make changes according to their convenience. If you think something else would bring better results, you can upgrade to something that works best for you. 

  • Offers Measurable Outcome

Report and analytics are the keys to success. PPC lets you track the effectiveness and subsequently, you can decide on your campaign spend.

What are PPC Metrics?

Tracking the metrics of pay-per-click is the only way to ensure that the ads are generating sales and somehow proving beneficial to the business. Let’s look at some of the PPC metrics one needs to consider.

  • Clicks denote the percentage of people clicking on the paid search
  • The average cost per visit indicates the average amount paid every click.
  • Click- Through Rates (CTR) show the frequency in which the ad was clicked after viewing.
  • Shared Impressions: The frequency with which a keyword’s ad is approved
  • Conversion is the process where the percentage is calculated that turns a lead into a sale.
  • The rate of conversion is the amount paid in every conversion.
  • Custom Cost per conversion counts as the average value of a full conversion.
  • Return on paid search metrics means the increased or decreased value in the percentage of paid search metrics. 

Where is PPC different from SEO?

The ultimate goal of PPC and SEO is the same but there is a difference in how it works. Pay-per-click is the advertising online that engages with search engines and channels like YouTube ads or social media ads. 

Whereas, SEO looks after optimizing the contents of a website and structuring it in certain ways that make it more visible to the search engines. This includes keyword research, optimizing the meta titles and descriptions, acquiring links from different websites, etc. 

The difference is SEO improves a website’s organic search engine ranking and brings traffic through organic search results. 

For immediate results, PPC can make a faster impact. Connect with the digital marketing agency Adelaide to get the best results. 

Things to keep in mind before preparing PPC strategy and campaign

Let’s look into the important steps required to plan for a PPC campaign beforehand.

  • Identifying the demographics of the target audience includes location, interest, age, gender, and more. 
  • Outlining the objectives and clear goals for the campaign that whether the business wants to drive sales, or generate leads.
  • Construct captivating ad copies with engaging headlines, and descriptions that encourage your audience to click through the website. 
  • Usage of keyword research tools and incorporate them into your website content and ad copies
  • Choosing the appropriate platform is a major criterion to align with the campaign goals like Google Ads, Meta Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and more. 
  • Keeping a close eye on the performance of the ads and upgrading it according to the objectives. 
  • Experiment with various ad formats like image, text, or video and work on various approaches for the campaign.
  • Establish and stick to the budget and spend it accordingly. 


The comprehensive study of PPC has started from understanding the basics to mastering the advanced levels and strategies for beginners as well as seasoned marketers. If the key concepts are well perceived like campaign optimization and analytics, along with the trending industry knowledge, it’s time for a good start in the world of Pay-per-click. Every account is different and needs to be handled differently. 

Unleash the potential of clicks and skyrocket your business with us, the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide. Harness the competence of clicks with the most sought-after forms of PPC advertising. 


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