6 Effective Ways To Earn Backlinks For A CBD Website
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6 Effective Ways To Earn Backlinks For A CBD Website

6 Effective Ways To Earn Backlinks For A CBD Website

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Digital Marketing, SEO

The global CBD market is growing. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.8% from 2022 and reach USD 22.05 billion by 2030. 

In today’s rapidly expanding market, the presence of CBD products and websites is becoming increasingly pervasive. To maintain a competitive edge, you should put in the time and effort to devise an impeccable marketing strategy. Consequently, the best SEO services in Florida for CBD have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, as they offer a unique digital marketing approach that can yield an outstanding return on investment, reaching as high as 12.2 times your initial marketing expenditure.

Link-building reigns supreme among the crucial elements of search engine optimization (SEO) that contribute to higher rankings. This is particularly evident when striving to break into the coveted top 5 positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks for Your CBD Website

Why waste money purchasing backlinks when you can build them without spending a dime? You can establish valuable backlinks with a few excellent strategies without draining your resources.

Here are a few practical approaches:

1. Create a Resource Page

Crafting a resource page is a clever way to obtain backlinks while simultaneously providing value to your audience. Compile a list of relevant blogs, businesses, and resource websites within your niche, including an external link and a brief description for each resource. 

For a CBD business or cannabis dispensary, consider linking to educational CBD blogs with high domain authority, cannabis dispensaries, government sites discussing CBD legality, CBD influencers and bloggers, and cannabis SEO companies. 

Ensure the resources are trusted and have high domain authority while also aligning with your target audience’s interests and needs to generate organic traffic. Email each website included in your resource page, politely informing them of their inclusion and requesting a backlink. The established trust and recognition of their expertise will likely encourage them to reciprocate the favor.

2. Embrace the Skyscraper Method

Coined by renowned SEO expert Brian Dean, the Skyscraper Method has become a prominent strategy in the world of link building. Identify the most desirable backlinks from leading websites in your field, often referred to as “skyscrapers.” Blogs and websites referred to as “Skyscrapers” occupy the top organic spots on search engines like Google. Aim to create a piece that surpasses the existing content by at least tenfold to outperform the existing content. 

The best SEO services in Florida will help you create content that will offer more comprehensive details, such as expanding a list of the top cannabis strains from, say, 25 to 50, accompanied by compelling visuals like pictures, videos, and infographics. Once your content is created, reach out to the websites linking to the original post, showcasing your stronger piece, and politely requesting a backlink. If your content provides greater value, they will likely prefer linking to your piece instead.

3. Leverage Guest Posting

Guest blogging is widely regarded as the gold standard for acquiring free backlinks. However, it is crucial to approach it strategically and dedicate sufficient time and effort to ensure success. Select blogs that are relevant to your industry, such as CBD or cannabis blogs, or health and wellness blogs that feature CBD products. 

Verify that the chosen site has decent domain authority to avoid any negative impact on your own authority score. Write guest posts that inform and educate readers about relevant subjects, such as sharing case studies or testimonials where your products have made a difference or providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of the CBD industry. 

This targeted approach to guest posting will not only generate backlinks but also drive increased organic traffic, qualified leads, and improved rankings.

4. Utilize the Broken Link Building Method

If time constraints prevent you from writing guest blogs or creating superior content compared to competitors, capitalize on broken links as a quick and easy way to acquire backlinks. Approximately 66.5% of websites, including CBD-related sites, contain broken links. Take advantage of this opportunity by identifying broken links on CBD blogs and offering to replace them with similar content from your website. 

Suppose you discover a broken link within a blog post discussing the benefits of CBD oil. In that case, you can contact the webmaster and propose replacing it with your own well-crafted post on the same topic. This approach benefits the webmaster by eliminating a broken link, which is detrimental to their SEO, while also providing them with link juice through a hyperlink to your high-value page.

5. Harness the Potential of Unlinked Brand Mentions for Powerful Backlinks

Unleash the untapped potential of unlinked brand mentions securing valuable backlinks without spending a dime. These instances where your brand is mentioned without a corresponding link present a golden opportunity for link building.

But what exactly are unlinked brand mentions? They occur when other websites mention your brand but fail to include a backlink. Whether it’s a product review, a list of companies in your industry, or a mention related to their topic, these unlinked mentions are waiting for you to seize them.

A trusted digital marketing company in Florida will know the nitty gritty of looking for unlinked mentions and how to get them. This will ensure that your backlinking strategy moves in the right direction. 

6. Uncover Lucrative Backlink Opportunities with Link Gap Analysis

Accelerate your backlink acquisition strategy by performing a comprehensive link gap analysis. This technique involves identifying websites that already link to your competitors but haven’t linked to you yet, presenting a golden opportunity to secure valuable backlinks.

To best use this approach, you must first analyze competitor backlinks, identify linking patterns, craft a persuasive pitch, and then reach out with a personal touch. 


Linking to a higher authority domain gives your website value and authority, which are the two most favorable factors to rank a website higher. When you consider with this the fact that the first three spots in Google SERPs get the majority of clicks, you want to be there with your business website. Who wouldn’t? But the CBD market is growing and becoming saturated with newer players continually popping up. Having a top-quality website featuring top-notch products is a prerequisite but not sufficient to make your website rank.

Getting high-quality backlinks is another way of making Google know that people already in the market as yours are talking about you; thus, you must be a top contender. And now you know how to earn top-quality backlinks without spending a dime. The strategies mentioned here work. But you have to apply them to know how effective they are. So, apply them by all means.

However, if digital marketing is something new to you or you find the tactics discussed above a bit complicated to follow, you can always connect with a trusted digital marketing company in Florida for the best results.


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